Sitting Chatting

Another day “between weathers” so I told Floss that I was going to sit with the Minions and she was very welcome to come too if she wanted.   It was that kind of day – the sort of day when you need to have a Shetland pony chat.

So, of course, no one wanted to talk!

Could they be any further away?

We chose a dry rock each and waited.

Dearest Storm. He had found a victim – sorry, my bad, a friend!

I got Silver looking enigmatic.


Albie managed to raise his head to show me just how gorgeous he is.  Look, look, a waistline. I am so impressed.

The others loafed around.

And Newt loafed even further.

Eventually, I left my dry rock and went to talk to Newt.

And Waffle.

He was having a boggy-plant moment.

What’s that saying? You can take a horse to water…. yada yada yada.

Still, it was nice to be ignored by ungrateful Shetland ponies who hate you because you didn’t bring carrots as they are all very fat and don’t need them.  Just sayin’.



3 thoughts on “Sitting Chatting

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Always love your pictures of the Minions but today’s photograph of Silver is just beautiful – what a gorgeous profile!

  2. Kris

    Newt has such a thoughtful, somewhat sad expression on his face. Almost as if he is trying to commiserate with you. Or is that just his way of pleading? 🙂


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