A Break from the Weather

We are having a bit of a break now from all that vile weather.  If you look clearly, you can just see Haakon lying down in his field surrounded by the rest of the herd. They were resting.

The Minions are all very happy (read disgruntled and probably starving) in their huge field of nothing.

Floss and I take the very bare minimum of carrot.

But I remain firm (Floss tells me to!)

There is fibre.  Eat it.  Enjoy it.  That is all there is.

Tiddles is pleased to be out of “prison”.

And Storm is enjoying having his second-best-friend back too.

I asked Floss why she is keeps bale string in her pocket and she replied “doesn’t everyone?” There is no answer to that.

So she was frisked by field security!

A Winning Smile if I ever I saw one.

These two – Waffle (the smaller version) and Storm – were on good form.

I love this photo the mostest.

So everyone is filthy.  No one cares.  One day, who knows, I might even brush them but probably not.

Tiddles, all alone in the world, apart from his 7 friends!

It is good to see them all back together again.

4 thoughts on “A Break from the Weather

  1. Kathleen Woolley

    I agree, doesn’t everybody have pink string somewhere upon their person. I haven’t had a horse for a number of years now, but pink string keeps appearing in all sorts of places. You never know when or where you may need it. I love the smiles. How is Teddy getting on ? Has he seen the horses yet ?

  2. Jayne

    Floss is absolutely right – baling twine is surely the Swiss army knife of being outdoors, being with animals, being ready for whatever gate has to be fixed, or anything else for that matter. It can hold a coat or shoe together, can secure a stray dog, a piece long enough could probably be fashioned into an emergency head collar?


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