The Incredible Journey

Daisy riding Kappi (gelding), Jo on Hetja (mare) and Fiona on Hreyfing (mare) decided to ride from Sandness to Thordale, in Mid Walls.  This is over 11 km with four cattle grids included.  I very kindly and selflessly volunteered to open and close the cattle grid gates for the riders so I went ahead in my car, with BeAnne for company (though she sulked for most of it as I wouldn’t let her go along with the horses and riders).

BN2A8071  BN2A8079 BN2A8085

En route they met some hill ponies who were fascinated by these larger versions of themselves. Icelandic horses get along very well with Shetland ponies.  They all speak the same language.

BN2A8090 BN2A8093 BN2A8097

I did wonder if they would follow them. It has been known but they decided to stay back at a respectful distance.


As I waited in the old quarry at Dale of Walls, I saw Bjørn riding my stallion, Taktur down the road.  He had also brought Amina, the nicest GSD in the world.  They were coming from Thordale to meet the girls.

BN2A8099 BN2A8102

Bjørn dismounted to wait until the others arrived.


Taktur could tell there were ladies approaching and neighed to let them know of his gorgeous presence.


Apparently they heard him and speeded up!


This was Taktur’s first time seeing the girls outside.  He had met them previously in the school but not to be up next to.  His eyes were on stalks with anticipation.


I warned everyone that it was every man for him/herself from now on as they were riding mares with a stallion for the first time.


And so they all rode onwards with Taktur, who was a very happy gentleman.  He walked along beside them and did exactly what was asked.  I should not have worried but it is always good to state the bleeding obvious, I find.


No one put a foot wrong.  Good manners were adhered to at all times and I think it was a very successful ride for everyone.


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