Sven’s Twin

We are huge fans of the Disney film Frozen.  This is mostly because the reindeer, Sven, is Iacs’ doppelgänger (and I love the Sami clothes and culture).

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It is uncanny.  We all saw the similarity the minute we watched the film.

Today it is raining and blowing a gale, so with nothing much better to do, we had this fabulous idea – to re-enact a scene from Frozen.  The one when Sven wants Olaf’s nose (the snowman’s carrot).


The scene was set up.


Some sniggering.


And the shot(s) achieved.

BN2A1447 BN2A1455 BN2A1462

Iacs’ reward, of course, was his own personal supply of carrots for being such a good boy.


It is good to have my daughters back on their holidays because we all are on the same wave length of ridiculous things to do with the animals!


Poor Iacs, how he suffers!


Personally, I think we nailed it!


3 thoughts on “Sven’s Twin

  1. lesley cafferky

    Aheeemmmm !!!!, Act of cruelty.. Completely a case of ego assassination.. Clearly a case for the SSPCA !!!! He will never live this down with the boys from Iceland !!!! Giggle giggle xx


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