More Hands Arrive

Bebbies, bebbies, bebbies – where are you?

Cue:  Look up, spy us and then gallopy, thunder, twinkle-toes, gallopy, neigh and then a cartoon skid to a halt…


(I adore the way Torbjorn’s four little hooves are off the ground, like a spring lamb).


They flew straight into the arms of Daisy and Flossie who have been well brought up and know the best way to talk to a Shetland pony is to be the same height.  To achieve this, the girls had to kneel/sit on the wet ground.  As  this is a field in the middle of Shetland, no one cares – whatever it takes to have a Shetland pony snog.

BN2A1778  BN2A1781

This is the first time Flossie has met the bebbies and of course, after the initial “who is this new person in our field?”, being the bebbies, they instantly adored her.


She was quickly inundated and investigated thoroughly by the little furry noseys.


and, in turn, Flossie promptly fell in love.


Daisy resumed her usual posture of being nibbled and tickled by her favourite little guy.

BN2A1787    BN2A1796

So that’s good – there are now enough hands to scratch and hug the bebbies.  Mission accomplished.


4 thoughts on “More Hands Arrive

  1. Celeste

    Oh, they are SO CUTE I can’t stand it! My how they have fluffed out and healed under your special care. If I were onw of your daughters, I would not have been able to wait to come home and see them. Let’s see…how do yyou sneak a baby pony into your dorm room?!? Thank you SO much for sharing your animal adventures with us, I look forward to your blogs every day.

    By the way, how is Jack doing?

  2. Sam

    To see them Bebbies flying through the air and then remember what they were like only a short time ago…WOW. Love the daughters/bebbies shots!


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