Daisy needs more hands

Daisy came home early this afternoon from university.  Yay.  One down, one to go.  Floss gets in later today.  These are apparently their Easter holidays which seems odd since Easter isn’t until April and Daisy will be long gone by then.  She has shorter holidays than Flossie whose terms are only 8 weeks long.  But Floss always goes back to exams so swings and roundabouts.

Anywho, after a brief bacon and fried egg sarnie on OH’s homemade bread, Daisy wanted to be introduced to the bebbies.

And the bebbies were keen to meet her.  They love people.

BN2A1116 BN2A1118 BN2A1120

No one was shy.


BeAnne had a very large sense of humour failure at being investigated and spent the rest of the time sitting on a wall sulking.  I think she was put out that they were more interesting than her.


Meanwhile, Daisy learnt which buttons to press.

BN2A1139 BN2A1164 BN2A1174

There were a few times when I heard an exclamation of “I wish I had more hands”.  Two hands plus three ponies is not a good solution.

BN2A1184 BN2A1188

Obviously the bebbies all fell in love with Daisy and obviously I will find them later having been smuggled upstairs into her bedroom.

BN2A1194 BN2A1195

I am sure three little Shetland pony colt yearlings will be only to glad to assist in any way possible with university course work.  BeAnne will be livid.  That is her job.


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