Sunshine After the Storm

We have had two consecutive nights of thunderstorms with some fairly determined lightning.  BeAnne hates it and with the first crack, she jumps onto the bed, shaking, panting and looking wild.  Nothing we do makes her better so she just stays next to me and eventually falls asleep.  It is very exhausting for us all.  We look a bit bleary eyed the next morning after her panic attacks.

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Loki is coming along leaps and bounds.  He is much happier now the worry of Jack is no more.  He even almost plays with BeAnne until she ruins it.  We have him 2 years now and he is a very different dog from the one Daisy and I collected from Elgin.


Dare I say it, he is even more obedient than BeAnne (which is not particularly difficult since she is a Patterdale terrier and never comes when she is called but just happens to “be in the area”.)


It is very hot today, and the Shetland ponies hate it.  Waffle is miserable (being black, he absorbs the heat) and I commiserated with him. I hate it too.


Storm and Tiddles have sunscreen and Sudocreme on their noses.


Tiddles is changing.  His face is much narrower and he is turning into a proper pony – not a “fluffy” anymore.


So this afternoon I walked the dogs in the long grass and then sat with the Lambs for a while.  They are still very sweet and tame.  Their main aim is to be with us at all times.  The dogs are much better behaved – long may that last.


(Lambie is still my special little boy and always will be.)


A downside, though is that Lambie is rather lazy and wants to be fetched if Lambert leaves him to come and talk to us!)

BN2A4334 BN2A4328





4 thoughts on “Sunshine After the Storm

  1. Elva Svendsen

    I am from Upstate New York, but I really, really enjoy your photography. My border collie, Scout, hates thunderstorms too. He pretty much reacts as your BeAnne. This past year, I have learned to put him in a plastic crate, even with a blanket over it if it is daylight, and he immediately is calm and secure. I just leave him in there until the storm is over. He is much, much happier this way. Before, if there was a storm, he would make my whole bed shake with his frightened shivering.

  2. darby

    wow, the change in Tiddles is dramatic, such a beautiful face.
    today’s photos were especially lovely. last night watched a new series called ‘Shetland” taking place , you guessed it, in the Shetland Islands. a crime drama. I watched part one but fell asleep during part two, so never learned who done it.


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