He’s Luffley

As it was a beautiful sunny afternoon yesterday, we went to see Little Himself and Hetja.

I apologise in advance, as a token gesture, for the huge photo overload of our new lad but this is the first real opportunity I have had to see him properly with a halfway decent camera.

If you are not an Icelandic horse colt foal fan, perhaps skip this blog today (and possibly many others in the future).

BN2A4193 BN2A4196 BN2A4199

Look, look, look at his tufty squirrel hair-do between the huge ears! I am loving the eyelashes too.

BN2A4205 BN2A4207

And he stands very squarely, with solid front legs and real presence.

BN2A4211  BN2A4273

All the time, he is looking and thinking…..

BN2A4217 BN2A4220 BN2A4222 BN2A4226

At one stage, Hetja jumped the burn (stream) to eat and Little Himself was nearer to us than she was so he used this opportunity to come and investigate us further.


Hetja, in an instant, jumped back over and rounded him up trying to get him to give up these subversive thoughts.


In the end, she went up to Daisy and generously accepted the proffered carrot (we came prepared this time).


Little Himself looked on with interest.


Once Hetja had decided that Daisy may, if she was nice, be allowed to talk, then First Contact was made.


Daisy is sensible and very good around mares.  She reads their body language and lets the mare make the moves.  She does not sit down but squats on her haunches ready to move quickly should she have to.


Look at Hetja’s eyes.  She watches everything and everyone (we had left the dogs in the car).

BN2A4316 BN2A4306

So that’s it.  We are all officially in love with the most darling little boy.


Now to find a suitable Icelandic name……..


(I like Huginn)

10 thoughts on “He’s Luffley

  1. Rebecca Final

    He is such a beautiful baby, and Hetja is such a lovely and attentive mother. The are the picture of perfection in the pretty pasture in the sunshine.

  2. Linda K

    He’s a little beauty. Hetja certainly looks very protective in some of the photos, which are gorgeous.

    1. Paddy

      He’s adorable, Frances. 🙂 I love foals. We used to have a quarter horse farm really close by our summer place – I used to visit the foals whenever I could. Unfortunately, it’s all apples now – no horses to visit. I assume you’ve seen this site: http://www.icelandichorse.is/names.html ? I like “Solfari” – one who travels with the sun. Are you going to use Thordale in the name as well?


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