IHSGB Championships and Summer Festival.

Here are a few photos from the Icelandic Horse Society of Great Britain British Championships and Summer Festival.


This time, two weeks ago, we were competing.  When I say “we”, I mean Daisy on Kappi and Bjørn on Taktur and me on photographs!


The Championship took place over two days in West Linton, just outside Edinburgh and there was an excellent, as well as vocal, turnout from Shetland to cheer the Shetland contingent on.  At one stage, there were 14 Shetland folk. I like to think that everyone will remember us and we certainly put Shetland on the Icelandic horse map (and perhaps pub/hotel map).


The weather was a bit “curate’s egg”.  For us, it was a normal summer……



For everyone else, they huddled!


Even when it hailed.


When it was fine, the spectators sat on the bank and enjoyed the riding and horsemanship.


The judges and their helpers took their job very seriously!


The commentary was professional.



For Taktur, this was a completely new experience. He has never been anywhere and he did his best to behave.  For a first timer, just 6 years old, he was amazing.  He went for the experience rather than any achievement.  Taktur and Bjorn are now ranked 7th in Sport A Four Gait in the whole of Britain!


Daisy and Kappi were brilliant (I am running out of adjectives).


She came 2nd in the Elementary Four Gait and 1st in the Elementary Tölt – she is now ranked Number 1 in Great Britain in Elementary Tölt!


So it was a great weekend.  We achieved.

Well when I say “we”, I mean Daisy on Kappi and Bjørn on Taktur and me on photographs!

7 thoughts on “IHSGB Championships and Summer Festival.

  1. Deb Twomey

    By far the two best looking horses (and riders) in the lot. What is the white marker on the hoof for? I have a guess but don’t want to sound silly.


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