Sunrise – All Change

The storm clouds are gathering – three days of ghastliness forecast – so I made the executive decision to move everyone first thing into better fields.

The sunrise was pretty and, feeling purposeful, Floss and I devised a safe plan.  It’s always good to have a plan with these sorts of manoeuvres. So it started to pour with rain and we were at that stage when we couldn’t be arsed to go back into the house to get our waterproof trousers on while hoping it was just a brief shower.

It wasn’t. We got wet.  Such is life.

First we moved Taktur and his mates into the stable. There is nothing worse than a shouty stallion and his friends running up and down the fence not helping.

Then we caught Sóley and Lilja and led them over the hill to Clothie – a five acre winter field I’ve been resting for two months.  It has good shelter from all sides.

Next up were the old men and Klængur, who were patiently waiting for us to come and get them.

I led Iacs and Haakon, while Floss had Klængur and was on gates.  Everyone was happy moving to a new field.

Then I led Taktur, Efstur and Dreki to their new field (the one next door) while Floss went and found Kappi who appeared to be incapable of following his field-mates having developed an independent thought, which we do not encourage.  Honestly, never trust anyone ever.  Horses lie.  Anyway, they were all reunited and galloped about for a bit, and then settled down to the business of eating.

We went inside with a job well done and had breakfast feeling slightly soggy.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise – All Change

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Wow! All that before breakfast! Hopefully the weather will not be so bad as forecast. It’s not much fun being a horse owner in soggy winter weather. xx

  2. Dona

    Beautiful photos of the sunrise/sunset. So good of you & Floss to move the horses during the rain. California is expecting three days of rain and wind, so I made the decision to not open up the gates to the larger grazing pasture which could cause confusion in the storm & be will hard on everyone. The sheep have a large shed and small barn-area to stay in for the next few days and a full coat of wool.


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