Come A Long Way

There was a lull in the weather – just windy, no rain, and I found the sheeple all sitting down and resting on the lee-side of the big shed. So I found a comfortable rock and sat down with them.

(an extra gorgeous shot of Lambie, just because ❤️)

Not-so-little Harrel-the-Barrel was first up, of course.  He always is.

And then his Mum, Maggie.

It made me think that Maggie has come a long way. You may remember, she arrived back in February of this year.

A very different sheep in those days when she decided she wanted to live with us.  She used to wait for me all day by the gate leaving the rest of her flock.

Now she waits for me to come home.

A little Winning Smile.  Such a dude.

The rescues are a good addition to my little flock.

I have just told the girls there will be no baby lambs this year.  None.  And the electric fence has gone up to zap anyone who thinks otherwise!  The rams are out in the hill.

Tonight I am feeling a little emotional about my sheep. I don’t know why – I think it was looking at old photos of Maggie (and there were ones of BeAnne too) set me off and listening to Michael Bublé. Tis the season.

10 thoughts on “Come A Long Way

  1. Sam

    I am in awe at the change in Maggie thanks to your love and devotion. You have done her a huge favor. And i do love that Winning Smile on Lambie!

  2. carol

    love your site each day….feel the love you have for your ranch…each and every cridder is
    so lucky to be under you & family care….I wait daily for you….it makes my day….thank you..
    happy holidays….

  3. diane in northern wis

    You can be proud of those sheep, Frances….they are all thriving, thanks to you! When you take in an animal, they are very blessed. and I love seeing the progression as they learn to love living at your place and get so much healthier and more beautiful. It’s a joy looking at these pictures!

  4. Deb

    Your lucky sheep are all looking beautiful today. How do you know about the rams going out? Is it always on the same day, or do you get notification?


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