Sunny Afternoon

After the foal-snogging yesterday, Anna riding Fakur accompanied Jo on Hetja to Norby beach.  It was Hetja’s first time on the beach and Jo wanted to see what she would make of it.


I followed them for a bit in the car with BeAnne and we took some photos of a totally empty sandy beach on a hot spring day – try finding one of those on the British mainland coastline this time of year.

L1010860 L1010868

It was perfect.  The tirricks (Arctic terns) are back and I have a huge fascination for them. Their flying and acrobatics are perfection to watch.


BeAnne had a lovely time almost going in the sea.  Celt, our old lurcher, was a great one for swimming in the sea but he could never really convince BeAnne that it was fun.  She did get her feet wet a little.


Then Jo and Anna arrived and off they plodded up Norby beach.  This beach changes every day.  It depends entirely on the tide, the latest storm and what the weather throws up to give it any identity.  Some days it can be just pure stones and another a vast stretch of sand just waiting to be gallopped on.

L1010870 L1010875  BN2A6653

Anyway, as this day was to see Hetja’s reaction and to gain her trust, there was no galloping, just a small introduction to show her Shetland environment.



Norby beach is magical.  It was used for “the” photoshoot last winter.  The horses looked at the sea, though neither were keen on swimming, and walked away again.


Next time we will bring Haakon who will be in and off to Papa Stour on the other side in minutes.



(oh, yes, sorry, I found that ruddy Instagram button again)  Note-to-self – leave it well alone!


Then Anna and Jo went to Norby Loch for a quick dip with BeAnne.  Now lochs, BeAnne can do.  She loves swimming in them and happily jumped in.  She is a keen swimmer.


Today’s ride was a peaceful ride designed to test Hetja’s boundaries and to see what she enjoyed.


Fakur was the perfect companion.  He just wandered along for the ride totally unwilling to have a single independent thought.  They made a content and happy couple.


BeAnne enjoyed the final ride home, though, best.


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