Little Miss No-Name

Thordale Robin
Thordale Freya
Thordale Solo
Thordale Uno
Thordale Iona
Thordale Halyn


What is her name?  I just don’t know.  There are a few to choose from and I am still none the wiser.


Today, Anna was properly introduced and Madame was very inquisitive.  I told Anna to round her shoulders and to look away so that the foal could walk up to her.


Within an instant, Little Miss was introducing herself and with that Anna was smitten.

BN2A6479 BN2A6484

Well, that was it really.  Job done.

BN2A6528 BN2A6530 BN2A6532 BN2A6542 BN2A6546  BN2A6567

But still no name.  We quite like Robin because like Sir Robin in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Brave Sir Robin ran away to hide behind her mum (but always immediately came back).


She is a darling.  Full of fun….


But also nosey, inquisitive and newly discovering her world.

BN2A6636 BN2A6631 BN2A6587

Enchanting, pretty and gorgeous too.


So, that’s us.  We are all infatuated and her loyal slaves.


Daisy is home tomorrow. I expect there to be a fight over who can love her more. Perhaps they can come up with a name too.  The least they can do while they are being mugged by the world’s most beautiful Shetland pony filly foal.


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