Summer Coats

When we led the girls back to the field yesterday, I had a quick chat with the other inhabitants.

Floss had been kind and kept some carrots back for them – Lilja and Sóley had not been allowed to scoff the lot – and she went around distributing fairly.

Everyone has just about lost their winter coat now.

All except Newt and Sóley.  They are revolting, still.

Storm had his summer race-horse body.  He looked very smug.

Poor little Newt.  He hates the clags that are under his leg-pits so I spent a few minutes removing the ones that would easily pull off and promising to come back with sharp scissors to get the others.  He was very grateful and stood patiently for me.  Sóley is less patient and will only stand me taking them off for so long.  I usually brush her.

The orchids are out now.  They grow everywhere.  All over the fields.


4 thoughts on “Summer Coats

  1. Linda Loba

    Always wonderful to see the ponies – but that last photo of the orchid speaks so loudly in these times.

  2. M in NC

    I love Newt’s summer coat color. Have admired it in year’s past,
    He seems to start growing his winter fur as soon as he slicks out.
    Do you what the color would be officially called? Just brown does not do it justice.

    Lilja looks quite grown up compared to little sister (previous post).

    M in NC


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