Hot and Cross

The Boyzenberries are all hot and cross. They don’t want to talk much, but just want me to scratch them.

They flop about and sit down a lot.

I don’t blame them.

Which end is which?  It’s hard to tell.

Each Boyzen is carrying around the equivalent of 3kg’s worth of wool.

And ‘Ster maybe 3.5kg.  Poor love.  He is suffering now.

Of course, Lambie’s is “carpet quality” but it still counts as weight and he is still very grumpy.

Grumpy, at the moment, is what he does best.

I am now known as “The Muzzah who scratches itchy sheep”.  It’s my job.

I think the Boyzenberries are all very jealous of the Girlzenberries who are “rooing” their wool and will probably not need shearing.  You can literally just pick the fleece off them or let it drop on its own.

Meanwhile, Little Herself – aka Missy is all happy, happy, happy.  She is definitely happy.

A glass half full kinda sheep.

She also looks very like her mother.  The same piercing eyes and expression of complete relaxation around people.

And then there are her Nuncle Boyzens.

(and yes, I prayed Lambie didn’t bunt her into the stream below – he definitely thought about it!)

And so I have a flock, my own little flock of sheep.  It makes my heart smile.

Well, almost.  There’s always one and that would be Madge.  She has to be different.

Yay, though.




4 thoughts on “Hot and Cross

  1. Sam

    Every family has an odd duck like Madge. Are the Bozenberries getting sheared soon? Or will you have soft hands from all the sheep scratching?

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    I too hope they get shron ? soon, I can feel for them. (and I only have short hair on my head!)
    We are having 90 plus degree weather here in the Southwest. They say it is a dry heat (not like the humidity in the East) BUT hot is hot. We have to go out and do chores early in the morning to beat the heat.
    What is it the song says? “Only mad dogs and Englishmen, go out in the midday sun.”
    Even our ducks are hitting the water early in the day and then finding shade under the apples trees and just cooling it. Speaking of ducks how are yours? do you still have your flock?
    Best wishes,
    PS: I feel sorry for Madge; she obviously did not have a “caring person” upbringing. Hope she will come around when she feels the love, and sees that she is now among people who are a different breed than she experienced in her early life.


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