Two Feet

A rainy morning, but I gathered the troops and we drove the horse-van over to work with Lilja and Sóley-the-Scruffy.

I especifically wanted Daisy to work with Lilja as the last time I led her it was very obvious her leading skills left a lot to be desired.

We had parked in a quiet place and put two bowls of carrots – one inside and one on the ramp.  Daisy and Lilja walked straight in.

While Sóley considered her options.

She could see Lilja eating her carrots and she could also see her own bowl of carrots but there was this ramp thing to be negotiated …….

Lilja quickly finished her own carrots and then started on Sóley’s bowl!

Oh, how rude!  Sóley could not bear this and worse, Lilja was really enjoying her bowl of carrots!

Oooh, she wanted her carrots and she couldn’t quite reach them and Lilja was going to nom the lot if she didn’t act quickly.

So Sóley took a deep breath and put her front hooves on the van ramp.

Heaps of praise and a top up of more carrots as a reward – and, then there was  even the hint of a back hoof too!

This was just what we wanted and we didn’t ask for anything more from Sóley.

Afterwards, Daisy and Flossie led the girls back to their field, where they live with the Minions (my rescue Shetland ponies).

All the way, Daisy worked with Lilja, asking her to walk nicely and not drag her down the road and field (like she had with me).

And to be fair, Lilja listened and learned to Daisy (and so did I so I can continue her training in the same way).

So that was all good. Mission accomplished.  I am pleased.


3 thoughts on “Two Feet

  1. darby callahan

    it is always a pleasure seeing you and the girls work with the horses, never using force, always gently with plenty of treats so that it is a positive experience for them. no wonder your animals love you so much.

  2. Christine

    My Tobbi says to tell Sóley that she is lucky to have a ramp in her trailer. He doesn’t, but would love one.
    Good first steps. I sometimes think horses are here to remind us of the meaning of “patience”.


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