I now know one of my main migraine triggers = STRESS!

I hate my migraines.  There is no let up at the moment.  I could really do without them.  They don’t help any situation.

I visit Mum most days (except when my sister goes in and I get a break) in her superb nursing home. I’m glad we broke her out of hospital last week.  I have no regrets about that.

When I get home in the afternoon, after lunch, I sit down at the kitchen table and make sheep just because….. I am listening to Sherlock Holmes on the radio.  It is diverting and somehow relaxing.

We are existing. That’s all I feel.

8 thoughts on “Stressed

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Wishing you well Frances; glad you have such delightful people and animals around you. As a fellow migraine sufferer (with a related unpleasant syndrome) my total sympathies. My sheeple are doing well, and are a delight.



  2. jacqueline slavich

    Oh Frances, this waiting time is so hard , is it it, and there’s is no school for learning how to handle it. Be assured You are doing all you can and all that can be expected of you. Try to see the days in small time slots rather than a whole day stretching ahead, and give yourself a pat on the back once you are through each slot. Love the sheep, wow, you are getting a good stock made, ready to counter the rush when tourism starts again. Love that you are sharing you pain, you are not really alone.

  3. RJ

    have you tried accupuncture for your migraines?
    also try rose scent – aroma therapy – has worked for my co-workers

  4. diane in northern wis

    Your little sheep are so sweet….you’re making a lot of them and they all look good! So sorry to hear about your migraines….hope they go away very soon. Your present situation has to be so hard but you are doing what is necessary for now and I’m sure your Mum appreciates your time spent away from home and helping her. Take it one day at a time, Frances and you will get through it with grace.

  5. Louise Helen Whyte

    Feel for you. I had the worst night last night, my OH is very creaky at the moment, and bad tempered, had mum up for dinner, her short term memory is so bad she’s forgotten that the chair she was sitting on she and drove to Glasgow on Friday to collect!

    Then I got the diatribe taking her home that we shouldn’t have made her move down here if we were in declining health! Our role is not to get a day older or more tired and more stiff and sore but to be there as her servants.

    I feel for you so much and empathise.

  6. Sam

    Worry about loved ones is always stressful. But the advice of one hour at a time is good, if hard to follow.
    Love the Sheep! And Ted looks distinguished.


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