Learning to Lead

Sóley is almost, just almost, happy now about having her headcollar put on.  We give her mother, Hetja, a small handful of food in one bowl and set out another for Sóley – the theory being if we can get her interested in eating it, we can use it to teach her how to load into the van later on.  When in doubt, resort to bribery – that’s always our motto!

While Hetja would eat anything, Sóley is dubious.

She is still obviously nursing so not really into anything else much.

She is inquisitive, so we encourage this.

And then she gets distracted and forgets!

Afterwards, we swapped the ladies around. Hetja and Sóley went into the bigger stable.

Sóley:   Seriously, you want me to do what?  Walk on a lead rope next to mother!  Are you serious?

Sóley:  I am not convinced this is a good idea or one I want to entertain.  No one does this, surely?

We started to teach Sóley how to lead nicely by walking Hetja around in both directions and letting Sóley follow.

Sóley:  So not happy with this.  So not going to do it….. grumble, grumble, grumble…. possibly ever.

Sóley:  And your promise I can follow Mum’s bottom?

Sóley:  Oh ok, well, I have discovered that I can do this but I am disappointed that I can’t stop and throw myself around a bit.  So cue the sulk then. I shall await your apology.

There were a few tantrums but patience and calmness won the day.  We wanted Sóley to learn never to pull away and always go with. Little steps.

We also discovered that Sóley holds onto a good grudge.  She enjoys a sulk and has to be cajoled out of it!

Not unlike another I could mention……


4 thoughts on “Learning to Lead

  1. Sam

    I think the post title should have been “BeAnne’s Best Student” – so Soley gets and A+ in Sulky Moods, a A in Grudges and a passing mark in Accepting A Bribe. Had a good chuckle over Soley’s monologue! Sorry to say this, but well done BeAnne!


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