Storm Caroline Preparations

First thing, up and at ’em.

No time for breakfast, just out and start getting everyone and everything prepared for Storm Caroline.

OH mended/bodged a few doors to keep them hopefully shut for the duration.

I was trying to work out where was North West as that is the predominant wind direction.  We shut all sheds that would lose their roofs in this direction gale.

The girls and I carried two bales of hay and molasses mineral lick bucket up to the chaps at Clothie.  After careful thought and consideration we decided they were best off staying there.

There is a good selection of shelter in the form of dry stone walls, a large long croft house and some old sheds.  Ok, none of them have a roof, but they are solid and perfect for keeping out of the wind.  There is also some grass.

Little Newt and “his” lick bucket!

I am most worried about Albie who was very jittery when we were dishing out the hay. I later went back with carrots and he had calmed down.

We also took a bale of hay and two lick buckets (one for the Icelandic mares and foals) to Leradale.  We gave the hay to the Shetland ponies and Storm whinnied at the lick bucket!

Over at Leradale, there is masses of shelter – one side of the hill full of grass for the Shetlands and the Icelandics, again, have a croft house and barns to stand behind in a field of long grass.

When we got home, I rechecked the herd up at Clothie and then let the sheep out of their field.

I showed them we had moved their mineral lick into their shed which they share with the hens.

We have sheep and hen food inside ready for tomorrow so we can easily feed them.

I have distributed carrots and told everyone to stay safe.

As I type, the lights are flickering, the wind is howling and it is getting much colder.

Think of us, please xx

17 thoughts on “Storm Caroline Preparations

  1. John Davies

    Frances, do you take it any more seriously when it has a person’s name attached to it! Hope everything comes out alright!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Much love and hope for everyone to stay safe. Whilst we may have the fires (way, way south of us), we still are keeping our fingers crossed for all of you! MMR

  3. Terri

    Poor lil Albie, such a sensitive lad — hope he’ll be ok and not get frightened to death. It’s cold here and the wind is howling, so I can envision what you must be facing. May you all stay safe! (inside and out)

  4. diane in northern wis

    Praying for all of you, Frances. May everything turn out allright and the storm disappear quickly.

  5. Cathy

    Just hoping you are all ok this morning. You may not be able to read or reply today but the BBC photos of the storm looked a bit fierce so no surprise if your power or broadband is affected.

  6. Louise Stopford

    We seem to be having a lot of these storms – with names recently. They are always a worry as it concerns me the amount of damage they can do (one year my complete garage fell down and now every time it is windy I am on tenderhooks). Where you are situated it must be so much worse – do you ever get used to this adverse weather and having to batten down the hatches? Hope that this storm passes quickly for you and that you all (animals and humans alike) stay safe and warm. Take care of yourself and everybody else.


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