I Relented

I worried all last night about my animals.  The night was long and very harsh.  We lost power for a couple of hours and it has been coming and going today.

This morning I woke up fully expecting to see equine, and possibly ovine, corpses everywhere.

Luckily, this was not to be and I made the executive decision that everyone at Thordale should come in for a rest.

With Daisy and Flossie leading Kappi and Taktur, the rest quickly followed over the hill and came home.  No one needed asking twice.

We separated the group into little ones by themselves (much to Newt’s fury).

Kappi and Taktur together.

Kappi can be a bit territorial over food but he will share nicely with Taktur and I didn’t want the little ones in an argument.

My money would be on Newt, anyway.  God help everyone else.

The rest went into the big school.

We have been putting out hay and water for them all day and they can stay there, regroup, rest and fill up.

Floss and Richard checked the ones at Leradale who have lots of grass and shelter.  Delia had her grub.  They are all very happy and fat.

This afternoon, we put up the Christmas decorations.

I love it when the house is Christmassy.    Happy days.  Wu has only been up the tree once.  Daisy has to “make” one more sheep for the tree.

9 thoughts on “I Relented

  1. Cathy Hughes Hallett

    So pleased to see everyone well and happy.

    Am I imagining it or are there little flurries of snowflakes coming down over your website? (If not I clearly need more gin) Very pretty and seasonal.

  2. Sam

    So happy to hear you moved peoples inside. I was worried about them. Is Albie ok? Yeah, I’d bet on Newt any day over anyone other than Vitamin. How did Daisy make the 4th sheep?

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I hope the worst of the storm is over and that life can return to ‘winter normal’ – still not easy for you, I guess. I can well understand your decision to bring the ponies indoors for a while. I hope you sleep more easily tonight.

  4. diane in northern wis

    So glad everybody turned out to be allright after your big storm. How nice to bring most of them inside for a rest and recuperation time. You always seem to know just the right thing to do. I love your Christmas tree and the unique ornaments and lovely flash of lights that show up in your pic. Hope your weather gets better! thanks for an always great blog.

  5. Judy

    Hi Frances,
    Reading over your posts ( I am behind) the thought occurred to me when I saw your chickens. Do you have foxes in the Shetlands? We have them here in Oz and as a poultry lover they have been a constant source of heartache!

    1. Frances Post author

      No foxes, no badgers, few rats, no squirrels

      Polecats are our poultry nemesis. Bloody polecats and the occasional otter.


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