St Andrew’s Again

Well, here we are at St Andrews University with our German guests.  We had a bit of an eventful ferry trip as the boat was called in to particiipate in the search and rescue for the helicopter crash off Shetland last night.  We did not go and watch and stayed firmly in our cabin listening to the tannoy updates from the captain. Desperately sad for all involved.

Anyway, this morning we drove off to St Andrews, scrubbed the house from top to bottom (insert disdainful sniff here) and have showed our German guests a little of town – see photos at the bottom.  Can you spot the face in the stonework?


This evening, we introduced them to Pimms (a huge success – blueberries give lightheadedness, a little known side effect!)  We have told them there is no alcohol and the fruit is good for them. We also tried to explain about Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot, summer, ie when you drink this fruit based drink ……


So here are the pictures.  I always promised myself that I would take my big camera to St Andrews so this weekend I have it and I am going to enjoy myself taking lots of lovely (hopefully) pics of this amazing place.  It started to rain so we gave up and came home to a cup of tea.

More tomorrow – we are off to Falkland Palace somewhere.  Apparently there are nice gardens so I will enjoy that with my camera.   The sat-nav will get us there.  No ponies, sorry!

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