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Floss again. While Mum is off tackling the tourist traps of Scotland, I have been spending the weekend at Dad’s house, catching up on my ‘education’. Apparently, this is the one book to read before you die. I was surprised to find that I actually loved it, especially what I presume are Mum’s notes scribbled inside.


I’d like to add that Pimm’s and NCIS are also a very good combination, especially with the weather outside.


I’m rather glad I came here as Richard has informed me they had a power cut all day. However, there aren’t any ponies roundabout, so instead I shall introduce you to Sylvester II, who came to inform me that I was still on his bed.


Sylvester is, unlike Wu, a very affectionate cat, and will go out of his way for human contact,


when he’s not having a mad moment


or resting…


My favourite is his Batman impression:



As usual, these photos were taken with an iPhone, rather than a Leica. His Lordship has a way of sucking all the light out of a photo, appearing as a fuzzy black and white blob. There isn’t really much to write about here, but tomorrow I’ll be back home and hopefully with some Icelandics to model for the blog.

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