Off again. Stop looking at me like that!

I am off south again, with Daisy, to St Andrew’s for a long weekend. Floss has kindly offered to write in my absence and I will be back on Tuesday.  All the animals are sulking.  Wuss is trying to get himself packed and OH is mucking out the car.


All the horses came down to be ridden.  They rarely do this and usually, when you want them, you have to walk miles to find them.


I tried to take nice photos of them.   Something to remind Daisy of her noble steed (left) and  then I threw them some carrots as well over the fence to hopefully make amends.  I did so want to ride but realistically there is no time.  An early boat tonight and I am dressed up for “town” – makeup, posh clothes, everything.  If I ride, I will get covered in horse hair too as everyone is moulting.

BN2A9818 BN2A9821

For some reason I struggled in the photography department.  Everyone looked either gormless or windblown or both!

BN2A9822 BN2A9823 BN2A9824 BN2A9826

And now the horses are looking at me over the fence willing me to go and play with them and I can’t.

BN2A9834 BN2A9836 BN2A9837

The wind is gathering force and it makes for a bumpy ride on the boat.  That reminds me to go and look for the Phenergan (essential kit for the ferry) – ginger just does not cut it on the North Sea for 14 hours. (Force 5, I think – “Fresh breeze, small trees in leaf begin to sway and crested wavelets form on inland waters”)


OH collected these today and the realism of my future is growing nearer and nearer.  Non weight bearing, no crutches….. Bugger.


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