Spring is Here!

I have had a bad day.

A very bad day.

A morning spent trying to get my computer to work, whilst folk reneged on plans.  A day of utter claptrap (and that is putting it very mildly!)

To make myself feel better (after I had finally made my computer see sense), I went over to Lyradale to check on the little boys.

En route to the car (now kept outwith the boundary fence as the sheeps are determined to escape), I noticed Albie and Newt playing together.

So I took everyone’s rugs off.

Albie and Newt have only recently started to play together.  It was wonderful seeing Newt starting it and giving as good as he got!

Darling little Newt was bouncing around like a muddy little baked bean.

OMG!  He was delicious.

And so happy.

So very very happy.

Albie showed his “happiness” in his new way and Tor is less than impressed.  Note to self – phone the vet tomorrow to make a date for The Operation. Both boys, I think.

Little Newt is a funny little chap.

And not-so-little-anymore Albie was enjoying himself too.

I just stopped what I was doing and watched them both gallop and buck round the field.  Newt would be walking in one direction and then he would suddenly decide to jump around in circles – boing on the forehand (that’s a dressage term).

And suddenly my bad day got a whole lot better.  How could it not?

(I did eventually get to Lyradale)

11 thoughts on “Spring is Here!

  1. Terri

    Funny how a very bad day can be turned around (or softened) by an animal(s) — never fails! Spring has sprung indeed….

  2. Cate

    They certainly got the wind up their arses today, as we say! 😀

    Sooo cute!!! Made me laugh out loud–thank you, Frances!

  3. Linda

    Oh these photos were (almost) too cute for words! You said it Frances, Newt looked like a little muddy baked bean. There is nothing to compare with this kind of joyful behavior; I’m not surprised you felt better.

  4. Sherry Walter

    Indeed, how could it not? I have a grandson who’s now a big strapping 20 year old but 10 years ago he always reminded me of a young horse leaping around playing, all knees and elbows and loose joints. Remembering that makes me smile.


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