Still Going Along

So, while I was showing you our Norwegian holiday photos, you may have been wondering how everyone at Thordale is going along.

The SSPCA girls, Gypsy and Gina, are still with us.  They are trying to get south but, to date, no one is taking livestock until the sea or wind calms down.  Every day their travels south are postponed.

While we were away, we put them in Clothie (my 5 acre field across the hill) where they sulked and stopped eating the twice-daily delivered silage.  They did manage, however, to choke down their hard feed.  Now we are back, they are home around the house, and doing fine.

Delia and her crew are rattling along happily.

Albie is now all growed up and weaned – huzzah!

He would still like his milk and does ask but we need to get on with his weaning as next Tor, his “mother”, will leave.

Tor is doing well – perhaps a bit too well.  Now, we live in mud, probably forever.

Newt is buried 24/7 in any pile of silage he can find. Rugs are on because the weather, at present, alternates between vile and utterly revolting.

The big boys are all gorgeous.

Daily, I pop over to Lyradale.  The little ones have learned that if they roam their huge field, they will find food.

No one has lost weight in our absence.

Hetja is her usual sensible pregnant self.

Brá is bonkers mad.

Brá is feeling this pregnancy hugely and is not her happiest.  She would like to be feral too but I won’t indulge her.

Meanwhile, Daisy is back to working hard with her Icelandic horse, Kappi.

They are preparing for the British Championships.

BeAnne is not.  She is busy maintaining her professional you’ve-been-away sulk.

So, that is us!

4 thoughts on “Still Going Along

  1. Gwen

    Poor BeeAnne so she turn her back on you for a little while, ” you left me on my ownio, I willnot forgive you— uless I get plenty cuddles and some nice things to eat” and “you dint bring me a present either”

  2. Sam

    Oh, BeAnne – you have sulking down to a science. I had a tiny cat with a large personality who would sit 12″ from me slamming her tiny tail down as if to say “I hates you and you will pay for my misery”.
    I do hope Mum gives you a treat once the Sulkies are done. Horses look grand even if Bra is mightly unhappy.


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