Gypsy and Gina have now gone south.  I wish them the best of luck and may they find a wonderful forever home.  They deserve it.

They were never meant to be living with us at Thordale.  We were just respite care until they could go south.  Nothing more.

Meanwhile, at Lyradale, everyone is on top form.  They are checked and chatted to daily.

I spend many hours sitting on flat rocks (there seem to be many lying around) hugging anyone who wants to talk.

It can be anyone.

Though mostly, of course, it is Storm and his best friend, Tiddles.

Storm is on top form – bouncing around, running after me on dog walks, and generally nibbling and getting in the way.  He is good at that.

Storm has a huge sense of humour which, I mostly get.

Tiddles is much more serious since his awful episode.  His eyes have never recovered despite numerous treatments.  I will have another concerted attempt when he comes home in Spring.  They weep constantly.

Waffle – well, he is my Waffle.  Solid (17hh wide) and one of life’s good guys.

Fivla’s diet regimen is working, just very slowly.  Never rush perfection.

Lyra is looking stunning.  She has matured into such a nice mare.  We have been thinking about her future and no one can imagine her going anywhere else.  If she spends her life standing behind someone resting her nose on their head and having a chat, then that is as good as it gets.  Babies – maybe one day, maybe not.

It seems to me there are too many unloved Shetland ponies.

Her mother, Vitamin, is still Ruling The World.

Funny to think these two old Shetland ponies were once the most famous Shetland ponies in the world!

7 thoughts on “Lyra-dale!

  1. Anna MacMaster

    They still are the most famous Shetland ponies…. Your neighbour’s dancing pony gave them a run (moonwalk) for their money, but he had to use a fake tail and computer generated action for his fame (despite being a very handsome gentleman in his own right). They are the undisputed Grande Dames of the Shetland pony world. 🙂

  2. Sam

    I concur, these Grand Dames are still the most Famous Shetland ponies. Your blog has merely informed the rest of us of this fact. And then introduced us to The Minions! Will Albie and Newt be added to The Minions or are they the Speciall Ones?

  3. Terri

    Brownie points in Heaven for you, for caring for Gypsy and Gina — and I wish them a happy future! Thanks for the update on this bunch. I love their winter wooliness! Shetland ponies are so special, famous or not! Sorry to hear about Tiddles’ eyes not improving. Perhaps he really IS weeping and it’s part of the PTSD he’s going through. (…yes, yes, I know that’s anthropomorphic…) He had an angel on his shoulder when you came along that awful day. Glad your herd has survived the winter so well!

  4. Gwen

    I love them all, and of course my bestest friend Frances who takes such great care and gives so much of herself to these Shetland ponies —– A great friend

  5. Carol E

    It’s nice seeing everyone looking so well.

    Is there a story behind how Fivla and Vitamin got chosen for the pony sweaters? Were the sweater knitted to their specific dimensions?


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