Spring Flowers

I am trying very hard to get to grips with my new camera and it is not all that easy, but Chapter III was hopefully mastered (or at least watched) today.

Afterwards, using my new skills, I tried to take photos of Monster and BeAnne.

BeAnne was not very helpful.  She has an aversion to being photographed and, no, she doesn’t even remotely fit into Monster’s bed but she gave it her best.

So me and my camera went over to Clothie to see what we could photograph.

Cuckooflower, also commonly known as ‘Lady’s-smock’.

The marsh marigolds are everywhere.  In Shetland dialect it is ‘blugga’.

The “red” campion is just starting to arrive now.  More pink, really but very pretty.

I enjoyed wandering around. I really need to watch Chapter IV and maybe find a mentor to guide me.

Afterwards, on my way home, I hopped over the fence to go and talk to Harry.

He has developed a new skill – he eats everything!  Those little teeth never stop. We had words about biting me.  Not good. Not nice.  He was very cross with me and sulked.

He has changed shape too.  Growing up far too fast.

Harry was such a sweet little lamb and now he is a determined thug!

2 thoughts on “Spring Flowers

  1. Sam

    I think you are doing rather well with the new camera. Love the flowers. Had a chuckle at BeAnne’s sulk.
    And when did Harry go from “adorable bebe” to “cranky teenager”?????

  2. m in nc

    The flowers are beautiful. We have moved to summer in North Carolina, so its nice to see some spring-like weather. Harry does look like a tough little adolescent, testing the boundaries. You may have to pay more attention to his mother and ignore him until he figures out his ranking .

    M in NC


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