The Cake

I am not a huge cake-maker. It is a rare event at best but once in a blue moon, I feel the urge and today, I created this creation.  My strawberries-and-cream cake.

As we are now in Level 0, we had some friends around for supper.  I also spent the day cooking.

When there was a brief interlude, I snuck around the house with my camera.

Her Maj was her usual unhelpful self.

I don’t actually think Monster moved all day. I must prod him to see if he is still alive.

And Maggie and Harry want to come and live in the house. I said no and sent them away with a biccie. Animal Crackers are just the right size for Harrel the Barrel.

Inside my flowers are doing their best. For the first time, I am growing sunflowers.

And, as usual, cornflowers.


Meanwhile, in horse-world, Daisy did something pretty amazing.  She took Lilja into the little paddock on her own.

Sóley hovered around outside.

Interestingly Lilja didn’t mind leaving Sóley one bit. All good practice.

She was very cool about everything – so that’s the saddle on for the first time with just slight interest and barely a reaction.

So, back to that cake then.  Time to celebrate!

7 thoughts on “The Cake

  1. Elva

    Monster reminds me of the day-old fawn I saw today in my hayfield. The fawn was curled up in a tight ball with its head pressed to the ground, playing dead, just like its mother told it to do. I asked him if he had expired, and he rolled his eyes at me. I quickly shooed the dogs away (who never noticed it, as the new fawns have no scent for a few days) and respected its privacy, just like Monster wants you to do!

  2. diane in northern wis

    your cake looks divine! love your flowers and all the other great pics today too. fell and broke my wrist so i’m one-finger typing for now.


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