Annual Puffins

Chores done and my neighbour and I drove off to see puffins!

My annual pilgrimage to Sumburgh Head. I like to see them every year.

The flowers are wonderful now.

Sea birds on a rock.


We wandered around not seeing very much in the way of puffins, but taking photos none the less.  I had my new camera with me as well as the big one (for any potential close ups of puffinery).


We made the obligatory trip up to Sumburgh lighthouse complete with foghorn – built by Robert Stevenson in 1821 and is the oldest lighthouse in Shetland.

And a good wander about.

And then I found a singular puffin. Huzzah!

We walked a long a bit and found more.  Apparently a group is known as a colony, a puffinry….

a circus….

a burrow, a gathering, or an improbability!  You can sort of see why.

I desperately wanted to take some photos of puffins coming into land or taking off.  While their flying skills are dubious at best, it is their landing and take off that is even worse.  They land as if they never expected the cliff ahead, and take off just by falling and looking hopeful!

These shots were all I could manage.  Blink and you miss them.

But I do love a puffin.  They always make me laugh when I see them.

And then to town for lunch (this is our lunchtime view)…. and messages.

They were filming “Shetland” in Lerwick.

A fake shop front.

Film kit everywhere.

Home now. It was a superb day. I am exhausted.  Definitely worth it for the puffins, though.




8 thoughts on “Annual Puffins

  1. Sam

    The only bird on tv any of our cats took notice of was puffins taking off to fly. Love these pictures.
    And happy to hear a new season of “Shetland” is filming, makes me long for when I can go back to costume design at our local high school. maybe in the fall.

  2. Tara

    What incredible blues your camera picked up! All beautiful photos but I love the last one best – the orange boat in the blue water. xoxo

  3. NancyMac

    Love the puffins too. Those shots of flapping wings with feathers spread are so interesting! Might I ask why the lone boat is tied up the way it is…aren’t they usually along side docks? It looks so curious strung up that way.

    I’ve been forwarding your newsletter/email on to my sister who can’t seem to sign up properly( it’s been explained a few times… 😉 ) She is horse crazy and says it is the highlight of her day when she opens up to read your latest updates. Thanks for sharing the wonders of Shetland and your life with all of us. It is a very welcome addition to our day.

    1. Frances Post author

      I have no idea why the boat was tied up that way. Possibly to stop it hitting itself or anything in the wind.

  4. May

    Those puffins are so cute! So is Douglas Henshall, come to think of it. Have you every seen him around town when they’re filming?

  5. Linda

    Gorgeous photos, Frances! Such beautiful flowers you have in Spring, and what a treat: PUFFINS! (You did a great job, catching them “coming and going” into the air…)


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