BeAnne was too tired to have a riding lesson – she had been working hard keeping intruders (real or otherwise) at bay.  Instead, Flossie and Klængur went into the indoor school for a riding lesson from Bjørn Roar Larsen.


Flossie and Klængur haven’t had a lesson for quite a few months, so there were a few creases that needed to be ironed out.


And relationships to re-establish.  Klængur has not been a very co-operative horse with Flossie recently.


As an already expert rider, BeAnne watched, taking it all in…..


… while Floss and Klængur developed a more workmanlike attitude (and a less passenger-like one).


It was good to watch this pair together.


I use my miserable spine as an excuse not to ride Klængur, but Flossie really gets far more out of this ginger Ninja than I ever did.


BeAnne, of course, watched attentively.


There was even trot!


Then the whole thing again, on the other rein (when I ride on the other rein, I have to re-learn  – I would make a great goldfish).


So, lots of work, some legs are aching (Flossie) and Klængur was reminded about partnerships.  No more passengers.

There is a wonderful Shetland dialect word  Spaegie (pronounced Spay-gee)


n muscular pain caused by over-exertion.

I think they both have it!


1 thought on “Spaegie

  1. Sam

    BeAnne is merely living up to her full name of BeAnne Duvet – one should not expect a duvet to do more than fluff up a bit. Hope Flossie’s spaegie is gone by now as the Golden Ninja looks like he could trot a bit more.


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