Grandmother’s Footsteps

We have a new Shetland pony visiting, and staying for a while as company for Tor.  It must be boring and very lonely for Tor being the only sensible adult around here.


So, everyone welcomed Kanteborgs Four Roses, who is a 23 year old standard Shetland pony mare from the Bergli Stud.


Brisk and Camus were funny.


I could see them discussing who should go and introduce themself first.


Camus drew the short straw.


He was on his best behaviour and said all the right things.


But Four Roses sent him away with a flea in his ear.


So then the little “family” group all stood together and planned what to do next.


Bless them, the little boys are dying to talk to Four Roses but must learn how to approach an old crotchety lady who has not got time for nuisance colts.


This time it was Brisk’s turn.


He was told in no uncertain terms (but with a beautiful mane).


And then, Camus, who hates to give up on anything.


He was told in no uncertain terms (but with slightly less beautiful teeth!)


It won’t take long before they all get on together.


Once they are used to Four Roses, we intend to put Silver and Waffle in with them so that when Camus is weaned, and then goes to his new home, Brisk will have enough friends and won’t mind.  After that, it is Storm and Tids’ turn.

Well, that is the plan – just thinking ahead.

4 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Footsteps

  1. Linda K

    She’s probably a bit aggrieved to have been separated from her friends but she won’t be able to resist Camus and Brisk for long. These Shetland Pony mares are beautiful.

  2. Sam

    It is good to plan ahead when dealing with Minions. I do love Four Roses mane flaring! And I agree with Linda about your “storyline” – could be a funny kid’s book. Like you need any more projects….

  3. -robin

    funny boys. and the description “crotchety” …well, you could be talking about me…except the part no patience for small colts. Four Roses and i are different on that one thing…otherwise, i got ya, Four Roses!!!!


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