Everyone is Beautiful

The girls (Daisy and Flossie) and I (Mum) went to see our little herd at Sandness.  We took the dogs with us as they were going for a walk afterwards on the beach.


We took with us a bag of fusty carrots that needed eating.  Who better?


While the girls handed out the carrots, very fairly too, I went around taking photos of the special little moments that occurred when no one was noticing.


It’s my job. It’s what I do.


We all love being with The Minions.  No one needs asking twice to go and see them.


And it is totally reciprocated too.


Lyra has changed this year.  She appreciates her friends, human and equine, but most of all she has grown up and stopped relying on her Mum (Vitamin) by being quite so precious.


The Minions are never precious.  They are everyone’s best friend.


Shetland ponies are always inventive.  If they can’t reach, then they find a way to.  Little Tiddles’ determination to play with Hjalti is admirable.  He stands on a slight hill to acquire those necessary inches for the perfect bite!


Here at Thordale Stud, we always try to colour coordinate – apparently, according to Flossie, they were obsessed with her new coat.  She was severely “twanged”. Pahahaha!


Daisy had a special quiet time with little Storm.  He loves these precious moments where he can have a human to himself.


Sometimes his Bestie is rather hard work!


Obviously, we all completely understand!



5 thoughts on “Everyone is Beautiful

  1. jane

    Although I haven’t commented for ages I regularly poke my nose in cause I love your blog and especially the photos.

  2. Terri

    How handsome and grown-up the Minions look! (especially in summer, without their winter coats) Nice to see them with your girls again….


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