Soggy Doggy, Horses, Ponies, etc

Despite the most accurate of weather forecasts promising no rain today, it has rained all day and everyone was very wet – both indoors and out.  My OH said it was like rain you get south as it came down vertically!


Even Iacs’ silly-frilly had gone flat.  Some might say that he has lost his ker-poof!


On a good note, the rain brought The Minions up from the recuperation-after-a-nasty-op field.  I have been calling them up for ages, which they have consistently ignored.  Now they wanted to complain about the weather and annoy Taktur.


This is Storm’s complaining face.  He hates the rain but I refuse to rug him up just for this.


Taktur, as always, looks gorgeous in the rain but then he is handsome whatever the weather.


Lambie sort of “shrunk in the wash” but he was his usual smiley self.  I gave him some hard feed as we are trying to wean him and he happily tucked into that with gusto.


Gusto or Lambert, as he is known, had not shrunk.


The Minions have been away from the main herd since Friday and I think they have missed the big boys.


Whether the big boys have missed them, however, is another matter!

BN2A5540  BN2A5549

I left them to renew acquaintainces.  Tiddles seems well enough post-op and so they can all go back together.  Storm was still grumbling, though – I think I could hear mutterings!


2 thoughts on “Soggy Doggy, Horses, Ponies, etc

  1. Linda

    After looking at everyone sopping wet (poor Loki!) I see you’re right: nothing diminishes that handsomeness of Taktur!


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