Bottle the Feeling

Don’t you just wish some days that you could bottle an incredible feeling and every time you are feeling down, have a sniff and feel wonderful all over again?

I received a surprise parcel in the post yesterday – some photos and film of the Icelandic Horse of Great Britain 2015 British Championships.


Included was a lovely film of Daisy riding in the Elementary Tölt Finals (so proud ** sniff **).

Seeing it all over again, through a spectator’s eyes made me remember how nervous I was, on Daisy’s behalf, and how wonderful when Daisy’s name was called giving the winning title.


Her smile says everything and all the hard work everyone has invested in her and Kappi has paid off.


In the film, Daisy’s trainer, Bjørn runs onto the track and gives Daisy a Shetland flag.


Daisy does her winner’s round with it in her boot, proudly representing the Icelandic horses from Shetland.



I just wanted to share with you (again) someone else’s point of view of Daisy’s amazing achievement on Kappi.

She is now ranked No 1 in Britain in Elementary Tölt Class (ETT8)

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 19.58.03

We are all very proud of her (especially me, **** sniff **** )




5 thoughts on “Bottle the Feeling

  1. Terri

    Oh, this is so nice! A wonderful achievement. I love the photo of Daisy and you (bursting at the seams with pride!).

  2. Rebecca Final

    That was tremendous fun to watch. We don’t have Icelandic classes here, although there are some Icey’s around.

  3. Nicki

    You have every right to burst with pride. Well done Daisy your hard work shone through. Fantastic photo captures the moment so well

  4. Sam

    Well done to Kappi, Daisy, you and Bjorn. Your hard work paid off and we can see this over and over again.
    It was nice for those of us State side to see what a tolt looks like.


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