So Where We Are

Last night I worried about Brisk and his future.

On one hand, the mare (Tor) and foal (Camus) hate him nursing. It is very stressful for everyone. Based on this, I put Brisk out with Tiddles (a 2yo gelding who was weaned at 3 months and would understand rejection)  but then Brisk did not settle and Tor, the mare, started shouting for her orphan.

So back Brisk went with Tor and Camus. I leave out milk but no one is interested.  Brisk is not asking Tor for milk either now.  He is content eating grass, hard feed and hay. He also drinks water.


It is, of course, not ideal.  No foal should be weaned at 8 weeks old but then what is best?  Brisk has attached himself to this mother and son combo.  The rejection has lessened and they are a happy little unit even if he never gets any more milk from the mare, Tor.


I have tried to give Brisk bottles of milk but he only sucks a little with no enthusiasm.


He has bonded well with Camus, Tor’s foal and Tor is far less hostile.


Whatever Camus does, little Brisk follows.


And that is very good.


Floss’ summer job is to tame down both foals.


She was happy when I told her this.


Camus has learned the Thordale nose-kissey.


He is a very quick learner.


25kg sack of Foal Creep from Bailey’s Horse Feeds will arrive soon.  Even if Tor never allows Brisk to nurse from her, he will still get the right nutrients in his diet to develop and grow. However, I am glad to see that Tor will continues to let her son feed. I would hate him to suffer because of her intolerance of Brisk.


All I want is for this little family to be happy, content and showing no stress.

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5 thoughts on “So Where We Are

  1. Terri

    Well, at least she shouted for her orphan, that’s good! Don’t know if it’s possible (or advisable), but could Tor be given a mild sedative to calm her just enough to accept Brisk to suckle? Or would traces be present in her milk (and possibly affect Camus)? Since Tor already (Day 2) accepts Brisk as part of her family unit, perhaps she will soon accept him at the Milk Bar. Here’s hoping….

  2. Sam

    You really are a good egg – what with taking in the Minions, keeping Lambie alive, your amazing effort with the mare last year and now Brisk. I think between you, Bjorn and Flossie’s talent for taming foals, Brisk will do fine. Looking forward to pictures of Flossie’s Superpower of Nosey Kisses.


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