Unusual Relationships

Little Brisk is part of the Tor (mare) and Camus (her foal) family.  This afternoon, we took all headcollars off as they were annoying.  I am still holding my breath but everyone is much calmer and that is progress. This little pony heap says so much.


Then there is the Ménage au Quatre with Taktur, Brá, Efstur and Hetja.  It is certainly “different”.

Suddenly, Efstur and Taktur are best friends.


It seems that Brá and Hetja don’t care one little bit.  They barely raised an eyebrow between them at this new relationship.


So we don’t interfere and let them get on with it.


If you think Taktur will probably kill Efstur (apparently this is a distinct possibility as I was told by someone who had never met Taktur), then perhaps you might like to admit that may be you are WRONG! (However, I won’t hold my breath).


If little Efstur has a crush on just one “person” in his life, then Taktur is a good example of everything tolerant, well behaved and just plain wonderful.


The stalking, sorry following, has now begun.


Efstur watches Taktur’s every move.


He is wondering what he can get away with.


And then he keeps going.


Until there is a reaction and then he will runaway…… or not!


Dearest Taktur is wonderful with Efstur.  He will teach him everything just because he genuinely likes this little chap and he hasn’t got a mean bone in his body.

Failing that, he could kill us all in our beds and then murder Efstur, as I was told by an “expert”.

4 thoughts on “Unusual Relationships

  1. Terri

    I think Efstur is getting Handsome Prince Lessons! What an unusual relationship — but not surprising, in your herd. Now if only Tor would let little Brisk cuddle like Camus…and suckle. At least everyone gets along.

  2. Sam

    Whoever this “Expert”is – you need to go away. This is not a farm full of killing machines – far from it. This is a farm where ALL are welcome and good manners are expected and desired and given. Love how Taktur has a new follower to teach the gentle ways of Horse. And so very, very happy about the new little family that Brisk has.


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