Meet Brisk

Brisk is a large robust skewbald miniature Shetland pony foal of 8 weeks.  His mother died yesterday and he is still drinking milk.


We thought of the options and decided firstly to try and go with Plan A.

This is Plan A – to put him with a lovely peaceable miniature Shetland mare called Bergli Tor, with her foal Camus.  Of all the mares in all the world who wouldn’t mind another foal, Tor is that mare.


If Tor will allow Brisk to feed from her, as well as her own foal, then all will be very wonderful and we breathe a sigh of relief.


To be fair, Tor was not hugely amenable but when we heavily bribed the front end with hard feed and lifted her back leg and tail, then she let Brisk drink.  Camus was not very impressed, either so Flossie kept him away.


At the moment Brisk cannot live in the same pen as Tor and Camus so he is in the next pen and can see them.


Brisk is already trying hard feed and has a bucket of water, a tray of “mare and youngstock” hard feed as well as bucket of milk.  He likes hard feed but we haven’t seen him drink the milk. It is very early days anyway.  He has so much to get used to.


Brisk is not going to be a Minion.  I am happy to care for him until he is weaned but then his owner will decide on his future.

I hope Plan A works.  Failing that, then it is Plan B -bottles and live with Tiddles and Storm in Clothie for the summer.  Not ideal but it might work.

10 thoughts on “Meet Brisk

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Poor baby! Always so sad to lose a mum. I hope the other mare takes to him and that he grows big and strong.

  2. Terri

    How sad! Poor little Brisk — he looks somewhat bewildered. In the wild, he probably wouldn’t stand a chance. At least he’s large and “robust”! Kind of you to help. Let’s hear it for Plan A!

  3. Linda K

    Poor soul, he’s probably very confused and wondering why he’s been abandoned by his Mum. Sending love and cuddles to Brisk

  4. Susan

    If you can google “Last Chance Corral”. They rescue nurse mare foals in Atens, Ohio, they may be able to give you some tips on teaching him to drink milk from the bucket. Good luck

  5. Anita Barfield

    Hope your mare decides to take him! Good luck! In the past, when feeding orphaned foals where a nurse mare was not an option, we devised a good alternative to bottle feeding. We used a Coleman cooler with a spigot. Remove the spigot, and replace it with a short piece of pvc pipe of the appropriate dimension, glued in. Attach a lamb nipple with a zip tie. You can attach it to the stall wall, and it will keep the milk warm and clean, and allow the foal to nurse at will… Also helps keep the foal from developing bratty, demanding behavior, hopefully…

  6. Sam

    Sending good thoughts for Brisk and his new living arrangements. Hoping Tor will like have two bebes instead of one.


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