We’ve still got the snow. Last night sounded hellish but I just tell myself there are many out there that need to lose weight.  Lots of weight.

I don’t think Vitamin actually believes me when I tell her.

Even Fivla has rolls of fat and a bit of a cresty neck.

It was the warm autumn – there was a flush of green grass that has done no one any favours.

And despite their beguiling smiles, I remain tough.

One small piece of carrot is all they get.

We are not are popular as we once were and I even refused some freebie pony-sized little carrots from Turrifield (where I pack veg) as I know no one needs them.

Needing is different to wanting, I tell them.

No one would look at me. Like I said, we are not very popular anymore.

5 thoughts on “Snowy

  1. Calm, Forward, Straight

    Recently had a laminitis scare with my ottb. We have switched to hay cubes as treats. I break them up to the smallest size since they are dry, and my treat hound gets just as excited as he did for carrots or apples.

  2. diane in northern wis

    I guess you’re a needed toughy! But isn’t it amazing that animals can get fat on things like carrots and grasses? They don’t get cream puffs or glazed donuts but maybe that’s what these grasses and carrots are like for them. You know what you’re doing, so you’ll have to just ignore their rude stares until they come around. Take care, Frances. Maybe you’ll get more of a welcome in and near the house!


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