Croft Dogs

We are gently introducing the dogs to our crofting life.  Pepper, in my absence, is very comfortable with the sheep.  I think it is the fact that no runs away removes any ideas of sheep being fun to chase.  My sheep would rather sniff the dog and they genuinely liked BeAnne.

And as the sheep are comfortable with Pepper, I brought Ted into the shed too to watch his reaction and he did the same – just wandered about sniffing.

We are trying to set everyone up to succeed.  I think it produces better results.

And, so far, things are going fairly smoothly on the sheep front.  Even Maggie is being less stampie and has stopped butting.

Pepper is very fond of Harrel, though.  He is her best sheep buddy – apparently they have been known to play together.

However, we are not going to introduce anyone to the Minions for the foreseeable. They are less dog friendly and absolutely untrustworthy.

8 thoughts on “Croft Dogs

  1. Sam

    I wish more people would take the “slow, gentle introductions” approach to adding a new critter in their lives. You are right, this type of introductions means everyone can suss out each other. Makes for a better and happier life for all involved. Glad to hear Harrel is playing and Maggie is calmer. Still – be kind to yourself, you have had a lot to process.

  2. Jayne

    I love how you say “set everyone up to succeed”. TBH, why would you do it any other way (rhetorical – I know ~you~ would not do things any other way, and I am constantly sad that there are still so many people in charge of animals of whom they have little understanding).

    Sciatica is no fun, not for one millisecond.

    1. Frances Post author

      Preachin’ to the choir, sister, at 3 am. I am so fed up with it and don’t know what way to turn. Gah!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh my gosh, what a picture to end your post with! Hilarious. Good to see that the dogs and the sheep are getting along. What fun pictures to see. Love them! Thanks Frances!

  4. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Sorry for the sciatica. You do know that when you are under stress, it tends to settle in your weakest places. I can tell when things are stressful here, back and knees let me know. My doc said to take naproxan sodium (Aleve) since it is an anti inflammatory and also acetaminophen (tylenol ) for pain. I take the meds before I go to bed, it tends to take the edge off. Alternate heating pad and ice. I really don’t like the cold but it does help.
    Wish I could be there to lend emotional support. Not sure how much help I would be with critter chores, right now.
    So glad you are home with your animals . Do be gentle with yourself.. You have been through alot and it will take time .
    How Is Daisy? is she absent, working somewhere? I bet the horses (and you too ) miss her. Flossie is a good egg, pitching in.


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