Wild Doglets

We’ve given up on being clean let alone tidy in this house.  There really is no point. These two stop only to sleep and then it is full on again!

I just watch a blur of fur rushing past me at 100 mph, with the occasional squeak when someone goes too far. So far, things have never descended to a fight.  They are equally matched.  Pepper doesn’t give up, ever, and Ted has weight and height on his side.

Just play, play, play, play …….. (keep typing until one of us goes to sleep!)

But it is very funny to watch and I am so pleased Ted and Pepper get on this well.  Ted has been here a week and it feels right.  One of the family.

Meanwhile, it is a bit of a love-hate relationship with Monster who gives as good as he gets.  I think Ted wants to play with him like Pepper does and assumes it will be alright. It will not.  I have told him.

Monster can always leave if he wants to.  I am not concerned (I am worried, however, for the hens especially Ted got one in his mouth today – we had words).

So that’s us. It is good to be home.  So much to organise, though and it is not that easy.



11 thoughts on “Wild Doglets

  1. Louise Whyte

    best thing for Ted , to have a playmate and Pepper is clearly thrilled.

    Monster will sort them both out.

    Harrison killed one of my hens by accident, it flew out and being a duck retriever poodle, despite being unable to swim, instinct kicked in and he picked her up – too roughly.

    1. Frances Post author

      I fully expect “accidents” – BeAnne, Loki, Celt, etc were no saints. I think the only non-killer was Jack-et Potato. He just didn’t have the speed or the inclination.

  2. Sam

    So happy for all of you that Ted & Pepper get along so well. Monster will be okay – he has more weight to biff off wild doglets. As for organizing – it can suck the life out of you…

  3. Celeste Nossiter

    Wonderful picture of Monster hissing at Ted. He is an excellent dog trainer! Glad everyone is doing so well. Good luck with all the details and stuff you have to handle, I’m sure it’s a lot. Remember to take frequent animal-hugging breaks.

  4. Kari

    I am a long time lurker and so look forward to your posts but in today’s post I saw something that as a long time dog owner has bothered me so that I need to comment. I’m so happy that Ted and Pepper enjoy their play but it worries me that they are wearing collars. You have obviously never experienced having one dog get it’s mouth caught in the collar of the other dog. This can be a potentially dangerous situation for both the dogs and the human who has to try to separate them. I speak from experience as two of my bullmastiffs ended up in this situation. I was luckily able to get them separated with no injury to them or me but it was close. So now when I see dogs playing and having a good time while wearing collars I feel the need to comment in the hopes of preventing a tragedy. I hope you won’t consider me a busy body but please give this some thought.

    1. Frances Post author

      I have never heard that dogs shouldn’t wear collars. Around the croft, they are essential for grabbing when necessary, ie danger. I will investigate further and thank you for your input.

      Edited to add that in the UK it is the law.

  5. Judith Garbutt

    Lovely to see them getting on so well. Long may it last! The last picture today is absolutely fabulous, Frances, – beautifully captured.

  6. Elva

    Look at Monster’s inflated tail! He is not a fan of Ted! I love watching Pepper and Ted play. I believe your mother would be so happy that you have given Ted such a wonderful home!

  7. diane in northern wis

    Yes, I’m so glad you’re back home Frances. I’m sure you have a lot to organize and that can’t be fun. Thank you for always taking such good care of your critters and sharing the pics and videos of these crazy rascals. Monster does look a bit peeved in that one pic. May Ted learn his boundaries too.

  8. Christine Merricks

    Frances, thank you, really enjoyed the video and all the photos, well done!
    Thank you also for the other information forwarded.
    Best wishes, Chris and Fiona X


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