Sleepy Bye-Byes

The ground is drying up now and everyone is making the most of this.  The routine is to have a little lie down after eating their silage – a little morning nap.

Dreki is now a fully-fledged member of being one-of-the-boys.

He gets on well with his half-brother, Efstur, on his mother’s side.  They like each other very much.

And I think they are quite similar in temperament.

Moving Dreki has been one of my better ideas!  Mother, what mother?

He is very settled and happy in his new environment.

Hjalti is the grown-up in the herd.

Yes, you heard, the grown up!

Dreki, as the baby, has been put in his place – the bottom of the pecking order – but if it means having real friends to play with, he is very happy to stay there.

I left them all dozing with a small terrier “en garde”.

Happy snoozing little boys.

5 thoughts on “Sleepy Bye-Byes

  1. Linda

    Wonderful to see everyone so relaxed and content (especially Dreki!) And also good to see BeAnn out and about, with something important (to her) to do.


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