King of the Chickens

Every day Taktur has his food to make him big and strong as well as maintaining his Handsome Princeness.  Note the pink bucket too.  Extra gorgeous now.

But there are others that covet Taktur’s bucket and they don’t give up easily.

That white chicken with the red leg ring means business.  She follows the food and she is tough.  Always there.

On a plus note, Taktur is not scared of chickens or birds under his legs and he is fairly unflappable (see what I did there? geddit?)

Our chickens are opportunists with no boundaries.  Drop it and lose it.

Chicken in a bucket, anyone?

4 thoughts on “King of the Chickens

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Ha, ha………..that’s too funny and made Harry and I both laugh! Something always going on at your place.

  2. Louise Stopford

    I love your chickens – the photo’s are great. Last year I took my 2 chickens on their ‘holidays,’ while we were away, to a farm. They had never seen horses before in their lives and were terrified. The lady’s chickens who owned the farm were wandering in between the horses legs and I was amazed that no-one got stood on. They were just so used to each other and it was lovely to see.


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