Sitting with Fivla

A lovely Shetland Summer’s day so Floss and I spent the morning with the Minions.  After doing a daily hoof rasp (Vitamin’s turn), I went and sat with Fivla.

I think she is looking fabulous.  A bit more winter coat to drop out and she will be in her Summer dresses.

I love the way she watches “her Flossie” brushing Sóley’s winter coat out.  Fivla has always been Flossie’s pony or is it the other way around?  Flossie has always been Fivla’s human.

While I sat with Fivla, Lilja was giving the mineral lick a good seeing to.  Note the two small wicked bottoms of Albie and Newt up to absolutely no good. You can hear the plotting and scheming.

See, I told you.  I knew it.

That was the hoof rasp got…

And then the hoof stand (ok, it’s an axle stand but it does the job, if badly).

Anyway, it was doomed.

Fivla and I watched on.

I relaxed in her company and tried to ignore the evil goings-on.


There was not a lot I could do except clear up the mess afterwards.  I am used to doing that.  Those two were in an evil mood.

*** sigh *** Never mind. The view was good.

And the flowers are beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Sitting with Fivla

  1. Sam

    What a glorious day you had! A Fairy Pony to sit with while ignoring the antics of the Wee Evil Twins. Good for you.


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