Unhappy Lambie

My poor wee Lambie. He was having a moment yesterday so I let him out of his field and quickly found out what was wrong – the flies. He hates flies and it was a windless day so they were out in force.

I went for my walk and he said he would follow me, but didn’t leaving to go to a high part of the hill to get away from the beastly flies.

After my walk, I went up the hill to find Lambie and to check he was ok. Hard to miss – always different.

I sat down with him and we had a chat.

I even managed a small Winning Smile, which was lovely.

And then quickly back to “vanting to be alone”.

Poor Lamb-Lamb. He hates flies and really struggles.  When he eventually came home, he ran into the house so I sprayed him with a citronella mixture. He went back outside coughing and threatening to die.

I even thought about letting Lambie sleep in my shed – I have a camp bed so could keep an eye and could burn a few joss-sticks but the spray mixture seemed to work and he calmed down.  Today has been better. There is a breeze.

Last night was spent on Amazon buying anti-fly collars and a citronella dog tag as well.  I hope it comes quickly.  I hate it when he is so unhappy.  I worry.

3 thoughts on “Unhappy Lambie

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Poor Lambie – when my horse has flies (and their big, horse flies) it’s awful. Thankfully we don’t have weather that gets too hot here, but at the Ranch it’s different. Hope there’s a breeze to make Lambie more comfortable in the days ahead.

  2. Sam

    Poor Lambie! Flies are not fun ever. Luckily he has a loving Muzzah who will try real hard to ease his distress.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh poor Lambie. I would hate the flies too. You’re so good at zeroing in on what’s wrong with your critters and finding an answer to the problem. For Lambie’s sake and yours, I hope the things you ordered arrive quickly too!


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