Dreki’s Turn

Today was Dreki’s turn. I don’t know why really. We don’t tend to do much with the youngsters, expecting them to lead nicely and have some good manners.  But as Efstur was coming in to be trained, I brought Dreki in too.

And then handed him over quickly over to Daisy!

These past few months Dreki Dragon has grown into himself and is standing tall and looking very like his dad, Taktur.

Daisy did some brushing and then took the little black dragon for a walk in a headcollar and lead-rope.

He has calmed down (matured) since we last did anything with him.

Both directions with walking nicely and standing still.

All good.

Then she handed me the lead rope and brought Efstur into the school to work with.  When the dividing wooden bar slid open, Dreki’s eyes were on stalks – it was the unexpected scraping noise, I think.

So we obviously had to go and investigate.

I like Dreki very much.  He is growing up.

Next up, I tied him up in our general waiting area and left him to work out how to stand quietly.

Once he realised he was arguing with only himself and no one else cared or wanted to get involved, he soon calmed down and just stood there watching Efstur being ridden.

He was fascinated by this activity.

So that was Dreki’s day.  I like watching his development.  He is a nice chap.

4 thoughts on “Dreki’s Turn

  1. Celeste Nossiter

    Oh my, he sure is the spittin’ image of his dad! so beautiful! I’m glad he’s maturing and ready for some training. How lucky you are to have so many four legged friends! And wonderful daughters who are good trainers too.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Dreki is a beauty! I love how you do your work with your horses….teaching them little by little. Daisy is such a help for you. What a splendid place you have!


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