Sitting in the sun

There was a bright yellow round shining thing in the sky today so we all made the most of it.

Little Albie had found a sun-trap warm spot and made himself comfortably comfortable.  He settled down for his afternoon sleep in the sunshine.

He briefly woke up when he heard my camera shutter.

But soon went quickly back to bye-byes.

Tor, as ever, was watching on.  She still takes her little responsibilities, Albie and Newt, very seriously.  She is always there for them.

I wanted to move the old sorrel stalk that was ruining my shot.

Albie woke up properly.  I love that sleepy face of his.  All snoozy and cuddly.

He is a darling little chap.  Still a Mummy’s Boy.

Round the corner was another darling-little-chap – Newt Patoot!

Newt is trying for the silly-frilly look. He has an excellent corkscrew curl in his mane and forelock which adds to his deliciousness.

Newt, though still 25″, remains the very definition of enchantment.

(This summer, if you can’t find me, try looking in their field – I may have to spend many hours, when the good weather comes, hugging!)

6 thoughts on “Sitting in the sun

  1. Robin

    Is Newt-Patoot’s coat coming in better? The day looks absolutely enchanting! Hope you’re on the mend, dear Frances!

  2. Celeste Nossiter

    WONDERFUL! I can’t think of anything better than hugging sweet animals outside in a field. It’s very healing, dontcha know.

  3. Terri

    The little ‘uns are so cute — would love to hug them! Nice photo of Daisy relaxing in the sunshine (and of course Lambie and BeAnne too)! Take it easy, dont overdo….xo

  4. John Davies

    Wonderful picture of your daughter with sheep and dog friends; very nice composition and felt like the nice day I was enjoying as well in Kansas!


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