Feeling Very Pregnant

I went up to Lyradale this afternoon to see the pregnant ladies (and to be chased around the other field by the Minions who knew I had brought carrots while I walked the dogs!)

Hetja and Brá are looking very pregnant now.  I really do feel for them.

Hetja loves being pregnant (no dieting) and loves even more being a mother.  This, if all goes well, will be her second foal.

Brá, on the other hoof, hates it.  She is fed up and perhaps not the most happy of mothers either, so this will be her last foal for a while now.  She can have a break, after this one.


I think Hetja suits pregnancy.

She has that “glow” everyone always gone on about, that I never had when I was pregnant.

Brá is more like me – fat and uncomfortable and in a foul mood.

So, this is Hetja’s foaling calculation date….

And this is Brá ‘s…..

Well, at least by my calculations. We are on Week 41 or 287 days (Hetja) and Week 40 or 280 days (Brá).

This is an interesting Foal Development TIme Line page I found on t’net.

And here is a fascinating short film – it is all becoming rather real now!

We will bring the ladies home mid April and then exciting times ahead.


5 thoughts on “Feeling Very Pregnant

  1. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Thanks so much for letting us know when those beautiful babies will be born. Can’t wait!!!
    Love the pictures of these two mommas…they should have beautiful babes!


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