Overdid it a Bit Yesterday

I think I overdid it a bit yesterday.  As the weather was nice, I went riding on Haakon and I found, that when he cantered, my back didn’t like it one little bit.  His wonderful tölt was fine but Haakon has to be first all the time, so would occasionally canter to stay in front of Kappi.  Yes, it is a race thing. He has always been like that.

I am paying the price today.

And, even more stupidly, I decided that today would be the day that I didn’t take any painkillers so I have been moping around hurting and wondering why!


Today, I have not felt my best.  For some reason, I thought that, if I went for a walk along the road with BeAnne, then the exercise in the cold wind would make a difference.  It didn’t and I must admit I struggled to get home.  I have given up and taken painkillers.

Anywho, these are pictures from yesterday at Lyradale.

I sat on a rock and one by one the chaps and chappesses came to see me to have a hug and a chat.

(does anyone have a field made of only concrete for Fivla to spend the summer in?)

Lyra was the last to come over and say hello – her mother, Vitamin, had gone the long way round in a sulk.

Waffle went over the wall, not through the gap.

Yesterday, it was a lovely afternoon.  Today it is less so.

Ho-hum, the analgesia is now kicking in.

7 thoughts on “Overdid it a Bit Yesterday

  1. Margaret Robinson

    The word “duh” is universal and we all push our limits now and again. Please take care and keep the wonderful world of Shetland’s and Shetland coming. MMR

  2. Terri

    Tsk, tsk, tsk…what are we going to do with you? **sigh** Just kiddin’, I do feel very sorry for you and hope the painkillers work their magic. Now (and henceforth), Take It Easy!

  3. Sam

    Back injuries just suck. You think it is fine, you do your normal things and then, BAM! The bloody back goes out again. Have some gin.

  4. Linda

    My OH put a positive spin on your situation (as usual): good thing you weren’t on any pain meds, because you might have pushed yourself even harder.,..


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