Silly Faces

I am trying to free up some space on my ‘puter.  It is, as ever, full of photos and 99% are rubbish and not worth keeping.


So, with the best of intentions, I look through roughly 1000 photos a day, deleting the majority of them, setting aside some and then going through that pile and deleting some more.  Being ruthless leaves me with about 30 photos worth keeping.


The criteria for the majority of the kept photos is that they must make me smile….

(aww, remember Ping-Pong and his bezzie, Hammy – I miss those twerps so much!)


Or look incredible (either human or equine)….

BN2A4839-2 BN2A3447

Or just be beautiful in their own unique way.


And then, while looking, I realised my life is full of weird looking animals.


Doing strange things (BeAnne is training Storm to tickle her tummy).


I don’t suppose I am ever going to be a normal waiting-to-be-discovered-by-National Geographic-Getty-Images type of photographer.

(look how tiny Storm is in comparison to the other fat bottoms!)


But I can live with this as I don’t think those photographers see what I see.


And they don’t have, in their grasp, the most beautiful subjects.


If slightly grubby and soggy at times.


Lucky me.


9 thoughts on “Silly Faces

  1. Linda

    That pretty much sums it up Frances. Thanks for another post that just left me feeling like “awesome!”

  2. Sam

    Lucky us for ALL your photos, silly, grubby or otherwise. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    I wish you had a book of all this lovely photos.


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