I stink therefore I am

Today, I woke up to this.


And then an urgent message to go over to my neighbour to help him with twin Shetland lambs that had arrived and the mother had no milk.  He had to go to work so, with the help of another more experienced neighbour, I was shown how to bottle feed day-old lambs.


When I told my OH, his first reaction was “oh no” and then “Do Not Name Them”.

So, this is Pongo.  He is the smaller of the two and prone to be covered in his mother’s liquid diarrhoea.


(then cleaned up by me)


And this is Perdy.  She is much stronger.


Mother is pouring out green smelly slurry everywhere and I am wearing most of it.  I don’t like being near myself at the moment.

I am syringing porridge with honey down her and she is eating her own food better now – fresh hay and soaked sugar beet.  She will probably die in a few days because that is what sheep do best.


I bottle feed the bebbies (yes, bebbies!) every few hours and they are also trying to get milk from their mother when she stands up.


So that is what I have been doing today.  Doing my best to keep this little family alive.


Also, please can I have all your prayers and thoughts for my friends and “daughter” in Nepal.  I have heard, so far, they are alive but that is all I know.



8 thoughts on “I stink therefore I am

  1. Terri

    Ohhh, the lambies are so sweet! (just like Kate Davies Ecclefechan Mitts, google to see) Prayers for your friends in Nepal and the little wooly family, and blessings on you for stepping in to help. Namaste.

  2. Tyche's Minder

    Prayers for all of Nepal today.

    The lambs are gorgeous, as is the mother, but then I’m partial to sheep. 🙂 I’m sure a shepherd of Shetlands on Shetland has the experience to save a mom with diarrhea, right?

  3. Sam

    Prayers for Nepal coming from Conn. USA. And I understand OH’s “don’t name them”.
    That is how my mother gained a number of her cats. She named them and we all just sighed and made room on the couch. Good luck with these bebbies.


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